What makes you powerful?

I recently helped a couple, from sleeping in separate rooms, and fighting for divorce to returning to the sweet beginning and falling love with each other again.

In addition to teaching her feminine movement, I worked with both on letting go of shame.

The wife left me a long message this morning to thank me again for saving their marriage. “You were the first person to crack open my husband’s heart in all these years.” There were things in the past that her husband was deeply ashamed of. “Your presence and non-judgement made a difference.” She continued, “I had never seen him crying like that. We both could feel your love.”

The husband left me a message earlier, “We are having the best sex ever. Thank you for helping my wife.”

I smiled. I had the inner knowing that everything that I have experienced in life prepared me to help them. I am only a channel. I am only an instrument. It is not me doing it. It is just being done.”

All I need to remember is to surrender and I did and that is what made me powerful.

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