How do we know who to trust?

A decade ago, at the age of 41, I went on a spiritual journey to heal trauma and by confronting the truth, my life was transformed. Now I am ready to be a guide, using my voice. I promise to you, sisters, that I will always speak the truth.

For sixteen years, I had built a company of eight figures from the ground up, then I lost it.

Looking back all those years, I asked myself, “I am a strong smart woman, how did I not see the red flags during that time?”

An Athena Sister’s visit helped me to see that when my company was in crisis, I fell for someone’s fake spirituality. She pointed out that I didn’t speak up when I had questions.

I knew she was right. I was a pleaser. I wanted everyone to be happy with me. By doing that, I lost my power. Deep down I didn’t like conflict. I still don’t. But I must speak the truth.

“Mom, you always shrunk small in front of that person.” Serena said last night. How could a nine-year-old tell, yet I wasn’t aware myself.

Because I fell asleep. It all stemmed from childhood trauma. Now it all made sense.

The first edition of Truth Tuesday is dedicated to speak the truth and take your power back.

Today in my 5 AM priming, I saw myself become Joan of Arc, taking my power back.

Have you had moments in your life that you lost your power? Handed it over to someone else?

When was the last time that you took your power back?

Not to prove to anyone, but to honor your soul. You must follow the will of your soul by speaking the truth.

To me, Truth is courage. What’s the truth to you?

Truth will reveal itself when we are willing to seek it and face it.

How do we know who to trust?

My answer: Trust your intuition.

There were many warning signs from the beginning and I pressed my intuition down and silenced her.

If I were going to do it all over again, I would do it differently. That is why I am here to share my truth. To help guide and hopefully prevent you from falling, like I did!!!

I invite you to think about one thing in your life that you knew was not right but you didn’t trust your intuition to follow up, to speak up.

When you find it, I encourage you to dig deeper and find the truth. Truth will set you free.

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