Ukraine, You are the Symbol of Freedom and Courage

I haven’t watched daily news for many years, but in the last few days my heart calls out to the freedom fighters in Ukraine as I follow the news of the war.

My eyes became moist reading a CNN interview from a Ukrainian Parliamentarian. “People are literally sitting in Kyiv, in Kharkiv, in other cities without food, electricity, in cold weather without any heat. This is impossible. This is the 21st century. In the middle of Europe where women have to deliver babies in bomb shelters, and they have nothing to eat after that.”

My heart filled with angry towards the monster who is currently bombing their cities, their homes and killing their families.

I so want to take these new moms and babies into my home to nurture them. I want to tell them, “It is ok. You are safe here. All will pass. The light will always win over darkness.” I want to tell them, “Ukrainians, you are so brave. Fighting for your freedom, fighting for democracy, fighting for your country.” I want to tell them. “I am standing with you. Sending you love and light. You are not alone.”

Another news report showed a young Ukrainian soldier sacrificing himself to blow up a bridge to stop the Russian invaders. It feels so unreal, like I’m watching “Saving Private Ryan” and not what is truly happening. Nearly 80 years after WWII, a few generations later, a dictator of a nation still capable of causing so much pain to so many families. He must be stopped and history will not be forgotten.

I grew up in a communist country. I have seen how people lived in fear. My father-in-law was shaken in my home at the age of 72 recalling his days under terror. That is why I came to the USA, the land of free and the home of the brave. And today, Ukraine, you are the symbol of freedom and courage. You represent the best of us, the spirit of a free man.

One day the babies born in the bomb shelters will grow up and share the stories of his fathers who fought for their freedom. In fact, 17% of the fighters are women, so truly a nation of heroes and one day these babies will tell the story of how a nation (men and women) came together to fight for freedom.

“Host a Sister” Facebook group grew from zero to 220k in 2 days. Women all around the world are offering their homes to sisters from Ukraine. This is the power of women working together. This is humanity at its best.

Sisters, friends, I invite you to join me to say a prayer in your hearts. Let’s send love and light. “May you feel our hearts, prayers and power that is being sent to you from around the world, Ukraine.”


WeiLi ❤️

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