International Women’s Day 2022

I received a text from the managing director of my Autism center in Dubai: “To one of the most amazing and empowered women that I know…”

The truth is some days I don’t feel strong. Sometimes I feel tired. Now I’ve learned to let my body rest. In those days, I used to be so critical of myself. Not until I learned to embrace all sides of me, light and dark, I felt I could truly accept my authentic self. Without the dark emotions, how do we appreciate the fullness of joy?

I don’t know what pushed me out of retirement after two years of writing in my backyard. About a month ago, a sister posted a seven-day speaker challenge in Athena Sisterhood. Speaking in public has always excited me but I never had any formal training, so I signed up.

Sharing with my classmates, I told them my story: “Ten years ago, trying to balance building a business and maintaining a happy family life, I was completely exhausted.

“One day in the office when Samuel casually mentioned that Serena’s socks had holes in them, I suddenly lost it. I screamed, ‘What more do you want?’ I felt like a cow being milked empty, but I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I started my healing journey.”

Then I found out the graduation celebration is for each student to teach a masterclass!

I was using only one hand to fight in the battlefield of life, my masculine hand. I learned to untie my other hand, the feminine hand, and I could finally stop fighting. I started to practice flow, like a Tai Qi master. After I balanced my hands, I built a multi-figure business, bonded closely with my two teenagers and reignited passion with my husband of 30 years.

I want to be a gentle guide for other sisters. I’ve struggled through all the obstacles already and I want to make sure you don’t have to.

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