“I’ve learned to thrive in a very masculine world with my feminine energy.” – Dr. Suelyn Hall, Kansas

“What I’ve learned from WeiLi is to have clear where you want to go and go for it.” – Joanna Mercado Peters, Founder of MOMFIT

“The way you express your gift is such a source of inspiration to others.” –┬áSev Jaunasse, Founder of Path to Fulfillment

“I love how she taught me about just embracing the uncertainty and being open and flexible and resourceful..” – Kandy Yau, Hongkong

“She is a woman that wants to support other woman.” –┬áZedy Clark, Panama

“What I learned from WeiLi is to be an inspiration for others because she is such an inspiration, and you want to replicate that.” – Christine Forment, Founder of Be Well & Rejuvenate

“WeiLi is a competence, sensuous woman, who’s compassionate, caring, energetic and strong” – Sally, Pennsylvania

“WeiLi has been so life transforming, she taught me so much” – Jonalyn, Florida

“She has taught many of us to live with our intuition and without fear” – Phyllis Goughnour, Founder of Wealth Growth Fund

“I’ve learned grace from WeiLi. WeiLi herself is grace. Like grace is her costume for the vessel of love that she brings forward.” – Hilde Jahren, Norway

“When I first met her, I was completely mesmerized by her physical beauty. But when she began to speak, I was in complete awe of this beautiful woman in front of me who was speaking words of wisdom that spoke directly to me, directly to my heart.” – Yvonne Borgquist, USA

“We have learned from WeiLi how to be sexy and completely happy in our body and because of her coaching we are inspired to appreciate myself, my body and femininity.” – Sim Suen, Hongkong

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