I Want To Be a Wise Woman

Today I had a beautiful talk with Samuel. “I want to help women like the younger me 10 years ago.”

I felt my energy rising and the word wise woman came.

I listened to the title song while swinging in the kitchen chopping vegetables and twirling in circles. She is a daughter of the sun. Sister to the moon and mother to all. She is a natural beauty. She has so much love because she is connected to the earth. She carries wisdom in the ancient way.

Even in my 40s, I didn’t want to be called an auntie. It made me feel old.

Today, I want to be a wise woman. This title fits like a tribe chief, with gray hair and smiling lines. I am ready to let the image of being a young girl go. But I will continue to exercise every day and keep a warrior body. Just like building mental muscle. Physical muscle takes discipline too.

Today, I want to be a wise woman. She is compassionate. She lives in high frequency. She is not a little girl looking for approval and reassurance. Divine has given her wisdom through her years of loving and living.

Today, I want to be a wise woman. Sharing wisdom, connecting earth and heaven, that is what I want to do today.



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