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Embrace Your Feminine Self (6 weeks Program)

An immersive, interactive and multi-faceted experience that unfolds over the course of six weeks. This program is created to initiate you into full possession of your feminine power, pleasure and spirit. Embrace Your Feminine Self will take you through a historic reckoning, sensual awakening, psychological understanding, and a path to profound connection to yourself. 

Each week you will have one Embracing Group Coaching Calls with WeiLi and the curriculum is profound and intimate. It is cumulative from one to the next, throughout the 6 weeks program. The Embracing Calls are intensive, moving and powerful, and they are designed to teach you the tools through experiential and embodied learning. In these calls, you’ll also experience direct coaching and guidance, and witness powerful transformations within the community.  These are no-hold-back chances to come together and dive deep into whatever is coming up in your life.  You will deepen, expand and integrate this work into every aspect of your daily life. 

Homework, Group support & Practice Calls

You will receive weekly assignments throughout the Embrace Your Feminine Self program.  Each week, you are given exercises and activities to strengthen and expand everything you’re learning on the Embracing call out into your daily life.

Beside the Embracing call, you are invited to join Live Practice Calls once a week.   These calls are designed to help you stay connected and supported as you integrate the tools into your life.  They are structured zoom calls for you and your sisters, where you can deepen, practice, witness, and take each other higher, in small groups.

Online Community

You’ll get 24/7 access to our private student online website where you will receive encouragement, practice the tools, find a BSS (Beautiful State Sister), and network.  Your classmates will join you from all over the world.  The community created in this course is life changing and will live on long after your course is completed.  Sisterhood will be your lifeline when you’re in a rupture, your place to share and brag when you are flying high, your place to connect, to support and to inspire. 

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